How to quickly and inexpensively restore dining room chairs

Too often people give up on their old furniture without realizing how easily they could turn it into something that they love.  With that in mind we recently took on the challenge of bringing new life to these dining room chairs.



Before                                                                                                                 After

Spray Painting the Caning

The first issue was the caning on the chair.  It had faded over time and was looking pretty distressed. The easiest way to solve this issue is with spray paint.

picture 2.jpg

We unscrewed the seat of the chair and removed it before taping the borders of the caning with painters tape and covering all of the wood with plastic.  We then spray painted the caning in even coats.  Be sure to hold the can away from the chair to prevent over spraying and dripping. 

Replacing the Seat Fabric

We unstapled the fabric from the seat of the cushion while maintaining the black underside fabric for reuse.  We used the old upholstery fabric as a stencil for our new fabric and cut out its shape.  We then stapled the new fabric onto the seat while pulling it taught all around.  Finally we stapled the black fabric to the underside of the seat to give it a finished look.

picture 3.jpg

Finishing Touches

One of the end chairs in the set had been chewed on by the family dog.  We were able to drastically improve the look of this damage using a colored pencil technique.  This is accomplished using multiple colored pencil colors to replicate the wood grain of the chair in the places where it is missing.  You can use the white colored pencil as a top coat over all of the colors to help with blending. 

Damaged arm rest

Damaged arm rest

Arm rest after coloring

Arm rest after coloring

We hope this information is informative and will help inspire you to not give up on your older furniture!