Our new venture

We thought it appropriate that our first blog post be about what led us to start Renova Design.  As a mother-son team we’ve obviously known each other for quite a long time and our shared passion for design goes almost as far back.  We can’t recall for sure what our first joint design project was, but it could well have been this rather exquisite ginger bread house, which was just as much fun to make as it was to eat.

Our joint projects continued for many years, but sadly somewhere along the way, life’s pursuits - school and our careers – became all-consuming and the fun endeavors that we shared had to be put on hold.  In 2017 Maggie left her 20-year career in education to nurture her creative spirit visa vi interior design and also to pursue her interest in real estate.  Matt is a Production Designer/Art Director working on various film and television projects and other attractions.  In between Matt’s film projects he found that he enjoyed working on interior design projects for retail businesses allowing him to design to a client’s objectives, individuality and taste and to create a lasting design, in contrast to his film projects which would not last beyond a film studio’s next project.  Eventually at the request of family members we teamed up to help design interiors for their homes, and the positive feedback we received was very gratifying.

me+and+mom (flipped).jpg

It didn’t take very long for us to come up with this crazy idea of pooling our talents -- Maggie’s love of real estate, renovating and interior design and Matt’s creativity, 3D modeling skills and ability to transform a client’s ideas to a computer design and ultimately to a physical reality -- to create Renova Design, a firm specializing in interior design!  We selected the name Renova because it seemed fitting and combines our last names (Reluzco and Novak).  We started with small projects for family and friends and expanded from there.  Each project allows us to recreate that same magic we felt designing that first ginger bread house together so many year ago.  We’d love to put our talents to use designing your special project.