Living Room Redesign

Hello!  We are Matt & Maggie owners of Renova Design where design of all kinds is our passion!  We are very excited to share some of our creations with you.  Recently we were given the challenge of modernizing a living room while incorporating some of the existing traditional pieces.  By creating some interesting original art and weaving modern colors we were able to marry both styles and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  

The goal was to have the house ready in time for an engagement party.  When we arrived it was obvious that this family loves COLOR, but weren’t using it to their advantage as their walls, drapery, furnishing and artwork were all colorful but blending together.  In addition the layout was awkward and not making good use of the space.

Before photos

before 1.jpg
before 2.jpg

Mood Board

Our design strategy was to go more neutral and light with the paint colors thereby allowing the colorful items, shown in the mood board below, to really pop. 

mood board.jpg

Creating Focal Points

Given their living room is quite large we decided to break up the space by creating two custom pieces.  The first piece we used to extend the fireplace to the ceiling to make it a focal point.

Fireplace before

Fireplace before

Redesigned fireplace

Redesigned fireplace

The second piece we designed to be large in scale and centered along a large expanse of wall.  We utilized angles and wood stains to create a dramatic wow factor and further break up the room.

Custom designed focal piece

Custom designed focal piece

chess piece.jpg

In keeping with our goal of incorporating existing traditional pieces we selected this elegant display cabinet to highlight the lladro figurines which were important keepsakes for the homeowners.

The renovations were completed in time for the engagement celebration with family and friends which we will highlight in our next post.  Also to come is a HOW TO blog post with details on the creation of the custom focal pieces.