Attic Bedroom Transformation

Recently we took on the challenge of renovating this attic bedroom which has served as the living space for countless family members since the late 70's and has gone through many different layouts and small renovations throughout the years.  This is a challenging space and we needed to rethink its functionality and look to personalize it for our relative who will be moving in after she graduates college this May!  The budget was limited so we had to be thrifty and creative with this project.

Rethinking the Layout

The first step was figuring out the layout.  We wanted to break the space up into well defined functional areas while keeping in mind the constraints of the sloped ceilings on either side of the room. 

Everyone who has inhabited this room has oriented the bed facing the stairs as pictured below.


We chose to orient the bed facing the window instead which created a wider walkway down the center of the room where the ceiling is full height.  The bed also fit perfectly into the inset part of the wall which allowed us to create a headboard directly on the wall, adding character to the room at a low cost.  The wall behind the bed had a wood panel screwed on to cover an area for additional storage.  Reluzco Contracting pitched in by creating swinging doors to replace the panel, improving aesthetics and functionality.

From Eye Sore to Eye Candy

The room had these big holes in the wall which were a real eye sore.  The space inside of the openings was very useful for storage however (and was a perfect hiding spot for one of our relatives when he played hookie in high school).  To improve the aesthetics and still create easy access to the storage we decided to create custom barn doors which we hung on a track.


Dressing up the Dressing Area

We wanted the back section of the room, near the walk in closet, to function as a getting ready area so we decided to set up a vanity to the left of the closet.    


Since the vanity desk didn't have any storage we decided to set up a storage area inside of the barn door, which is easily accessible.  We also wanted to add character to the wall behind the vanity and chose to use a stencil to create the look of wallpaper to keep the costs in check.  

On the right side of the closet we created a dressing area which included preexisting large and small dressers, a hamper and a full length mirror.

Samantha 4.jpg

Stairway to Heaven

To brighten up the staircase we used contact paper as wallpaper on the inset wall and added shelving for additional storage.  

Samantha 1.jpg

Fun Finishing Touches

Finally we wanted to add some fun art into the space and we were able to do this for free using items we already had.  The first piece was created entirely from cut up DVD's which we had no other use for now that we have gone totally digital. (look out for a blog post about how to create this piece).  The colors and shine from the DVD's added a fun texture to the room.  

With this wooden triangle that a friend was discarding we created an art piece for above the stairs using white paint, nails, and friendship bracelet string.

Samantha 2.jpg

We had a lot of fun doing this renovation and look forward to seeing family members enjoy it in the years to come!  If you found this blog post helpful please like it or leave a comment to let us know!  You can also subscribe for new blog post alerts on our blog page.  If you would like us to help transform your space please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!