From Eye Sore to Eye Candy with Custom-Made Barn Doors

The Challenge

The two big gaping holes for the storage area in this attic room were a real eye sore.  Not only did each opening have different measurements, they were irregular sizes and the area itself, with its narrow interior and angled walls, did not allow much room for doors to swing out.  Our challenge was to create fun, modern and functional attic storage doors.


The Solution

The attic angles and irregularities presented an opportunity to incorporate these elements into the design.  Given the odd sized openings and lack of symmetry, sliding barn-like doors proved to be the perfect space saving, yet aesthetic, solution.  And what better way to remain true to our décor than to incorporate a herring bone pattern with angles that mirrored the room’s architecture and the triangular influences that we selected for art and textiles in this space.

Creating a Frame

The closet openings measured 44.5 inches wide and 39.5 inches wide but in an effort to create a sense of symmetry, we decided to use a 48 inch wide piece of plywood as the base for both opening. This width allowed for the doors to easily slide open to the 50 inch wall the divides the two closets.  Wood strips were used to frame the rough openings and to provide support for the sliding barn doors.  


Constructing the Doors

Molding was mitered at the corners to frame the plywood and a pencil mark was drawn to divide the 48 inch plywood evenly.  Luan was incorporated as the decorative slats and they were cut into 3 inch widths. The slats were then cut at a 45 degree angle on one side. The angled sides were placed touching along the center line in order to create the herring bone pattern. Once all pieces were measured and cut, they were attached using liquid nails and held together with clamps.


Finishing Touches

The doors were painted using white semi-gloss paint to match the woodwork.  We purchased Yaheetech 12 foot Sliding Barn Door Closet Hardware Set Black Wood Antique Style Double Track Kit System. The doors were hung and the result is a beautiful contemporary solution.

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