How to create a custom focal piece

Filling a large wall can be a bit overwhelming for someone's interior design budget but that need not stop you from making a statement in your home.  Today we will show you how we were able to create a large scale, custom art piece that is both beautiful and cost effective.

Custom focal piece


The first thing you always want to think about when creating custom art are the limitations. Because the wall we were filling was in a high traffic area, the piece could not have too much depth. We also didn’t want it to be too heavy given it is large in scale and would have to be mounted.  It was crucial to us that the piece be creative and evoke a WOW from those that saw it.  Having quite a bit of wood leftover from numerous projects we decided that a wooden mosaic piece would be perfect.


The base of the piece is a sheet of ¼” plywood.  The top pieces were strips all cut from ¼” plywood and then cut at 45 degree angles to fit together and create interesting geometry.  We did a quick sketch beforehand but only followed it loosely.

Filling in the puzzle pieces

Filling in the puzzle pieces

Finishing Touches

Three stains of varying intensities were used and they were also mixed to create more stain options. Every piece was individually stained. The wooden pieces were glued onto the base using liquid nails and the outer frame was created using molding that was glued and nailed. Finally a light coat of polyurethane was applied to the entire piece using a matte product to avoid a glossy finish.

Applying various colored stains

Applying various colored stains

The homeowners love the piece and have commented that we were successful in creating a WOW factor when family and friends visit.